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Our mission is to build widespread public, business, and political support for
a major investment in a national high speed rail network.

Join USHSR as a Business Member today! Participate in the exciting new high speed rail industry in America. Get involved in the nation's new high speed rail projects now underway in California and other parts of the country.

Our vision includes a national HSR Express system connecting cities and states into an integrated system, laid out in phases with an aggressive schedule for full system build out.  Our vision sets high standards for interoperable, state-of-the-art dedicated track, advanced control systems, elegant multi-modal train stations, and top-of-the-line 220 mph trains connecting major cities together.  Our plan calls for a support network of 110 mph trains connecting smaller cities and towns together with the high speed system.

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Our voice for a national high speed rail network is unified around our vision, and represents the advancement and scaling up of the high speed rail industry in America needed to carry out the vision.  Our voice reaches across the spectrum including the Federal, state, and grassroots levels.

We provide the forum to bring together the many players to develop coalitions and consortiums for building HSR systems.  Our forum will take many shapes to include a range of conferences, meetings, networking events, tours, and on-line media.



As a member of USHSR, you get to be part of the new transportation economy taking shape in America. Join in the many activities and events of the Association, and get involved with bringing high speed rail to America. Benefits include:

  • Development of a customized membership program tailored to your company's specific needs

  • Participation in USHSR's advocacy efforts - involvement in legislative and regulatory activities

  • Early discount rates on select events and conferences, save up to 50% company-wide

  • Priority invitations to USHSR events, conferences, workshops, courses, and special HSR tours

  • Potential invitations to serve on panels at conferences and events

  • Opportunity to display your products and services at USHSR conferences and events

  • Priority opportunity to sponsor events and conferences for up to 25% savings

  • Company highlighted in USHSR's weekly newsletter - reaching more than 30,000 business and political leaders

  • Access to USHSR's media and public relations activities and products

  • Periodic calls with USHSR senior executives



Since our founding in 2009, USHSR has accomplished the following:

  • Launched a bold new vision for America with a national, connected high speed rail network which has since shown up all over the internet and media helping to get America to think big again.  National Vision Map
  • Put on 30 major rail conferences all around America
  • Produced hundreds of informational videos about high speed rail and the many benefits it delivers to society
  • Testified multiple times before Congress in favor of rail investment
  • Authored a white paper on how America could institutionalize developing a national high speed rail network as an important national project (at the request of the Senate Budget Committee, and Senator Sanders)
  • Consistently taken on the anti-rail myths endlessly promulgated by the extreme think tanks who regularly bash rail in the media
  • Maintained a voice for state-of-the-art high speed rail for America, despite constant calls to stop and/or dumb down the projects to cut costs
  • Participated in multiple other conferences to raise awareness of high speed rail and the many benefits to a wide audience. These included infrastructure investor conferences, real estate development conferences, environmental and green jobs conferences, and major student events
  • Launched the TOD Institute to bring focus to quality walkable environments around rail stations known as Transit Oriented Development:
  • Held several major TOD conferences to bring together top real estate developers, elected and public officials, and leading rail experts
  • Sent out hundreds of letters and informational packets to elected officials, Congress members, and America's billionaires laying out the importance of investing in high speed rail at the national scale
  • Constantly in the media sharing the benefits of HSR, dispelling anti-rail myths, showcasing what the rest of the world is doing, and highlighting progress America is making on HSR

Join USHSR today and get involved in these and other activities to bring high speed rail to America!


Membership dues are based on total company size, including any parent company. To join, select the Membership Tier based on total number of company employees, and you will be directed to enter your company information and make your payment. For assistance or questions contact us:  email (@)  or by phone:  (202) 248-5001.


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If you are interested in speaking at one of our conferences, we give our members priority based on availability and conference themes. Please contact us directly with your inquiry:  membership (@)  or by phone:  (202) 248-5001.


  • Advocacy - The national voice for advancing high speed rail in America working at the Federal, state, and grassroots levels

  • Education - Offering training and informational courses for every stage of the process of high speed rail development, operations, and maintenance

  • Public Relations - Promoting high speed rail throughout the national press continuously

  • Media - Film production, advertisements, interviews, websites, blogs, newsletters, and other promotional sources about high speed rail

  • Events and Conferences - Organizing a number of large and small events each year to bring together the many players in the high speed rail industry with Federal and state elected officials

  • Programs - Organizing a number of programs to promote high speed rail including traveling exhibitions, sponsorships, and state and regional coalition formation assistance

  • Industry Reports and Publications - Promoting leading publications, reports, and standards for high speed rail systems

  • Networking Opportunities - Organizing a number of events large and small to enable networking with leading experts, financiers and lawmakers

  • Fellowship - Promoting a shared vision for advanced transportation in America


Membership Inquiries:  membership (@)


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