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Get up to speed on the nation's first high speed rail project under construction in California. California High Speed Rail Authority CEO Brian Kelly will give an update on the project, current construction progress, additional construction bids, business plan, full build-out schedule, funding sources, early operator contract, train procurement, and more.

LA Metro CEO Phil Washington will give an update on the massive modernization and expansion of LA Union Station working with the California High Speed Rail Authority. LA Union Station will become a state-of-the-art, world class rail station to include high speed trains. Phil will also give an update on the multi-billion dollar expansion of the new LA Metro system with multiple new lines under construction.

Congressman Jim Costa will discuss federal funding for the California High Speed Rail project and additional funding bills in the works.

The California High Speed Rail project is the largest infrastructure project in America and will span the entire state at more than 800 miles long. It will connect the state's regions and bring the nation into the 21st century - catching us up to numerous other nations that have been enjoying the benefits of HSR for many years.




We are proud to welcome Brian Kelly to headline our first Webinar, part of our new Professional Interactive Webinar Series!

CEO Brian Kelly was selected to head the California High Speed Rail Authority on January, 16, 2018. He comes to the Authority with a wealth of experience in transportation. Kelly served as the first secretary of the new California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), an agency created in 2013, which focused solely on transportation. At CalSTA, Kelly oversaw eight departments, boards and commissions 38,000 employees and a budget of $18.1 billion - one of the largest portfolios in the State of California.

At CalSTA, he was responsible for a variety of complex transportation issues which directly impacted almost every Californian, the state's economy, public safety, highway construction and maintenance, and public transit. During his tenure, his many accomplishments included passing Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), the single largest investment in California's transportation infrastructure, moving forward the nation's first state rulemaking to allow the test and deployment of autonomous vehicles, and breaking ground on the first high-speed rail system in the nation in California's Central Valley.

CEO Brian Kelly


We are proud to welcome Phil Washington to headline our first Webinar, part of our new Professional Interactive Webinar Series!

As Metro’s CEO, Washington manages a balanced budget in excess of $7 billion, is responsible for overseeing between $18-$20 billion in capital projects and provides oversight of an agency with 11,000 employees that transports 1.2 million boarding passengers daily on a fleet of 2,200 clean-air buses and six rail lines.

Metro is the lead transportation planning, programming and financing agency for LA County. As such, it is a major construction agency that oversees bus, rail, highway and other mobility-related infrastructure projects – together representing the largest modern public works program in North America. Washington is also engaged and partnering in all facets of transportation and infrastructure in LA County including aviation, goods movement, freight/railroads, water, public works, housing and transit-oriented communities.

Washington was a key leader in the 2016 successful effort to pass Measure M, a new half-cent sales tax in Los Angeles County (the most populated county in the United States), which garnered 71.15% voter approval. Measure M will allow Metro to build 40 major highway and transit projects over the next 40 years, create 778,000 jobs and provide $133.3 billion in economic impact for the region. Measure M has no sunset and will only end if voters vote to end it.
Washington came to Los Angeles from Denver, where he served as the CEO of Denver Regional Transportation District between 2009 and 2015. He was previously the assistant general manager of RTD for nearly 10 years before being named CEO.

CEO Phil Washington
21st century transportation set to revolutionize travel in America!

America's first high speed rail project under construction today in California!
World-class high speed rail is coming soon to America!
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